Davie unveils the largest vessel ever built by a Canadian shipyard
Thursday, Jul 20, 2017
Chantier Davie unveils today (20th July) the next supply ship for the Royal Canadian Navy, the largest ship ever delivered by a Canadian shipyard. The event is open to public as of 2 pm, and it will be followed by family activities.

The representatives of the Canadian and Quebec Governments, as well as the Mayor of Lévis will participate in the ceremony which is part of the 150th anniversary of Canada and during which the Asterix vessel will be officially unveiled with a traditional breaking of a champagne bottle on the bow. The Resolve-Class AOR, which will be used for replenishment at sea and humanitarian missions, will be delivered later this fall as initially planned.

Following the ceremony, there will be many activities for families, including inflatable games, makeup for children and workshops organised in collaboration with the A.C. Davie Museum.

The Resolve-Class Asterix ship was designed and built in Quebec by nearly 1,500 skilled workers, technicians and engineers. 990 Canadian suppliers were also involved, 814 of which are located in Quebec. The unveiling of the Asterix reflects not only the long and proud tradition of shipbuilding in Quebec, but also the skill and human effort deployed daily at the Lévis shipyard.

For more information, please visit: http://www.davie.ca

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