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Matrix is the world leader in Electronic Safety Case software. MAT-Nav™

Matrix is working with some of the largest Oil & Gas companies in the world producing web-based “Electronic Safety Case” software.

The team at Matrix have worked with safety cases in one form or another since the Piper Alpha disaster and have all the experience needed to help you take your under-utilised paper-based safety case and turn it into a living, breathing dynamic document that will help you:

  • Communicate your paper based safety case like never before
  • Clarify where your major hazards are and the barriers that you need to maintain to prevent major accidents
  • Access key safety information quickly and easily
  • Train and familiarise your staff and contractors quickly with a clear, linked presentation of hazards, locations and safety systems.

We are working with some of the top international oil companies to help bring their safety cases to life visually... Can you afford to be left behind?