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The Pacific class 400 jack-up rigs in Singapore installed with marechal

Friday, Oct 05, 2012

MARECHAL ELECTRIC GROUP (MEG), global and recognize player in industrial electrical connections announces its involvement in offshore shipyards industry with PPL Shipyard Pte Ltd.

MEG is approved in the design of their Pacific Class 400 Jack-up rigs.

The Group provides its expertise in safety and reliability on their electrical installations.

supply ranges include Explosion proof DECONTACTOR S.A. au capital de 5 200 000 € - SIRET 552 149 577 000 58 - TVA n° FR 16 552 149 577 - NAF 2733Z DXN (16 to 63 A),

weatherproof DECONTACTOR TM DSN (16 to 63 A) and custom made SS316L boxes (with DS2 - 250 A and CS1000 - 400 A).

Featuring a unique and proven technology of an electrical outlet with a patented integrated switching device, which guarantees the complete safety of operators and subcontractors and facilitate maintenance operations.

Due to their robust design and compact size, the product fits perfectly to their tough environment by resisting to marine atmosphere, temperature variations, shocks and chemicals agents.

The Group works closely with PPL engineering and on-site maintenance teams to always improve our solutions to their specific needs.


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